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  • Roo Fox Burghley Update

    Roo Fox chats to us after the dressage phase, she produced a great test but landed in an unlucky placing, shes hoping to whizz round the cross country later on More…

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FriskyMare Plus

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For mares that you think are ‘hormonal’

This blend is traditionally used to help maintain balance & comfort in the reproductive system of mares during the breeding season or at any time of year. It is particularly useful when owners worry about oestrus.  Such supplementation may be appropriate when owners find it difficult to cope with behavioural changes.

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  • To maintain hormonal balance in mares

FriskyMare Plus: Calispernum scandens, Pueraria Tuberosa  

To start with use two level 25ml scoops twice daily per 500kg either in a single feed or divided in two feeds. Adjust rate with experience over time.

Sallie Dudley, East Sussex

"I just wanted to let you know how well SuperCalm and FriskyMare have worked for my homebred 7 year old horse Kiwi. She has always been a live-wire, but since starting on these products she has been a reformed character."

Sarah Austin, France

"I have been trying your FriskyMare formula for a month and the difference in my mare's manageability is really quite amazing. Before she was always unpredictable and always in season but she is much more level now."

Dee Barnes

"Your products are fantastic, I have used quite a few now and they have all been very good. The best result I have had is with the FriskyMare. When I first used it, it was a new product. I had tried all the others with no success but I thought, well, I've tried everything else, I might as well try this and to my great surprise it worked."

Louise Cumberland

“I bought my mare Millie a year ago, she is a 15hh coloured cob, very pretty, with nice paces but needed a bit of bringing on. As soon as I got her I realised I had an issue with her moods and went through the usual to eliminate any problems - saddle, back shoes teeth etc. As we had such a mild winter, she seemed to be in season rather a lot. It was very obvious when she was in a bad mood, from her eye and her general demeanour. Then as soon as the season was over, back to the sweet and gentle mare she normally was. It got so bad that I considered selling her. So as a last chance I decided to give FriskyMare a go. She has become an absolute angel in every way, calm even tempered and sweet natured.”