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Global Herbs provides sophisticated and highly effective herbal products that fuse modern high-tech approaches with the world’s most ancient herbal traditions.

No chemicals, just 100% natural herbs.

Global Herbs was founded by Stephen Ashdown MRCVS after his work overseas revealed to him the power of herbs and natural therapies.

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I have no hesitation in recommending the a Global Herbs products and feel really confident with them.
I have been feeding Oscar Global Herbs Acid X for about 3 months now. It has definitely made my horse more relaxed and rideable. His concentration levels have improved and he is far less grumpy. From being a bit of a fussy feeder he now eats up without any problems. Your FlyFree is also amazing.

Debs at Parklands Equestrian with Oscar July 2019
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We have a team of advisers trained by our vet, to offer free and meaningful advice by phone or online.

Meet renowned herbal vet and Global Herbs' founder, Stephen Ashdown MRCVS...

Every now and then you stumble across something special. Global Herbs is a special organisation that aims to keep the horse you love in top form. Global Herbs is special because it was started by Stephen, a vet working in Africa who had a vision to escape the chemical world and bring God’s original source of natural wellness into your hands.

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