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Airway Plus Powder

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AirwayPlus helps to keep chests clear, soothe throats and irritation. This premium breathing supplement maintains mucus levels and bacterial balance. AirwayPlus supports normal breathing and the respiratory system in challenging and dusty conditions throughout the winter and offers routine support in the summer. Fast and effective results. Suitable for all horses and ponies.  

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  • Supports Clear Airways
  • Soothes Airways & Throats
  • Maintains Normal Mucus Levels

In parts of India and Malaysia the Malabar nut is commonly mixed with black pepper corns to make a spicy health drink. The oils of the Cedar tree are a natural repellent to moths, hence Cedar chests being used to protect woolen clothing when being stored.

Malabar Nut, Kantakari, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Turmeric

Start with a small amount first and increase to two level 25ml scoops twice daily for a 500kg horse. Keep at this level for 1-3 months and reduce to half the amount for a maintenance level.

Courtney Gibson

"I heard that Global Herbs Airway Plus was good for horses and ponies so I tried it on my pony Harvey and since I started using it, his airways are being really well maintained throughout the year. Thank you.”

Hannah Daniels

“In the summer of 2013 my 20 year old cob, Jasper was in need of help. I went to my local tack shop to ask what supplement was the best, they suggested Global Herbs Airway Plus. I always recommend Global Herbs supplements to my friends as they really do work!

Tracy and Jake

“I just wanted to say how good Airway Plus is. I have a rising 23 year old, Jake and he been with me from a foal. He had a difficult  summer and I took veterinary advice. I decided to go along the herbal route and I tried other products but yours is amazing. I highly recommend this product.”

Kate Sanderson

“Since putting Cruise on Airway Plus, I am really happy. I can actually work him more intensely without worrying about it as much. And to prove it we went to Brooksby Melton College where we competed in the Regional Final with British Eventing. Due to a stricter feed regime and the added supplement he felt on top form, stormed around the cross country in the third phase, caught his breath back so much quicker than he has done at previous events and it turned out we came third in a very tough section and it meant we qualified for the Grassroots Championships at Badminton 2014! Thank you for a fantastic supplement!”

Jenny Connor

“I have owned my 17hh, 19 year old Hanoverian, Disney for just over two years now. He is my best friend and my whole life. I spend all my time and all my money on him! I have used Airway Plus for just over seven months and I am totally staggered by the results! Airway Plus really is a saviour and I will never look back from using it. Thank you to the whole team at Global Herbs for making Disney’s life what it should be.”

Sarah at Thorney Copse Saddlery

Sarah tried Airway Plus on her horse Maddie, who needed to maintain her horse's sinuses in good shape. Sarah said: "I am a big fan of the Airways Plus!"

Ms S Baker

"Since using Airways Plus I have never looked back! Thank you!"

Mrs A Hack

"My field is surrounded by rape seed, Airway Plus saved the day."

Bea and Blue

“My 14.2hh Welsh section D cob, Blue, has been one of the most important people in my life for the last 16 years. He would go anywhere and do anything, jump anything and would go to the moon and back for you. I was recommended Global Herbs as a good brand and bought a tub of Airway Plus. Two weeks after starting the supplement all was well. A year after he won Riding Club Horse at a Pre-County Show and then went on to get Reserve Champion that day. He is now 24 and pretty much retired but thanks to Alphabute and Movefree we still get to go out. I cannot recommend Global Herbs enough - they gave my beautiful horse a happy life.”