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LamiPro Powder

Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

LamiPro is an advanced formula that supports the feeding management of horses. LamiPro helps soothe and support horses at any time or when there is a flush of spring grass. This premium herbal supplement aids digestion and feed utilisation while helping to comfort feet. Can be used long term or short term depending on individual requirements. Suitable for all horses and ponies.

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  • Anti-oxidant blend of natural herbs with added MSM
  • Supports sensitive laminae
  • Everyday protection against fluctuations in diet richness


  • Gale of the Wind
  • Creat
  • MSM


Makoi, Creat, Gale of the Wind, Boerhaavia Diffusa, Hay, MSM, Soybean Meal, Horseradish.


Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Maintain at these levels until more comfortable. Reduce to half the amount of powder/liquid for maintenance levels. LamiPro can be fed throughout the year.




Elizabeth has owned Knightoncombe Grizzled Skipper (Skippy) since 1984 and the lovely lad is now 34 years of age. Skippy had a successful in-hand showing career and in 1986 took a 2nd at Royal Windsor Horse Show. In September 2012 Skippy needed help, as Elizabeth explains: “The vet had suggested a routine, keeping him in his stable or corral, on hay and gently giving him very short walks three times a day, with the walks getting longer as time went by. A friend with whom I work, suggested I give Skippy LamiPro, and kindly gave me half a tub to try. I spoke to your helpline, who recommended we continue with the LamiPro (we are now on our third tub). Though we are still very careful to monitor his grazing, Skippy is now able to maintain normality, trotting and cantering about his field. I would like to thank Global Herbs for LamiPro, without which we would have been at a complete loss”.

Elizabeth Rogers

Katherine’s 16.3hh, twenty year old rescue French Trotter, Hector, is a poor doer but came into trouble in the spring months. Katherine explained: “He was well enough to be out 24/7, albeit carefully monitored. This was fine for three months but as soon as he was put back on hard feed we knew he needed some extra support. We put him on box rest for 2 months and I called the Global Herbs advice line as I really wanted to be able to return him to grass for his quality of life. I spoke to a very supportive lady who advised me on how to get Hector back outside in a safe way.

He has now been on LamiPro for four months and all is well. Also his shape has changed and I can see how his digestive system is working properly as weight is going on in all the right places - not just his stomach! He has no need for hard feed now - I just use Sugar Beet Pulp as a carrier for his supplements. He is now out all day every day and is happy and bright-eyed and so enjoying being on grass with his field-mate again. Thank you from us both!”

Katherine Chandler

"I have been feeding my 11.2 section A your LamiPro and can honestly say it takes a huge weight off my shoulders. We bought Hazel in December 2011, she was very overweight with a huge crest and lots of fat deposits. I thought I would give your LamiPro a try and can honestly say it is amazing, I now do not have to worry about putting her in the field. It is a huge weight of my shoulders and we look forward to having many years of fun with our happy pony.”

Chloe Yeates

Samantha used LamiPro on her Welsh section B Tweeny Brian, and said: "LamiPro is brilliant. Tweeny Brian is a much healthier, happier soul after this."

Samantha Watts

Mrs Harrison used LamiPro on her Shetland, Blue and said: "What a difference LamiPro has made to Blue my Shetland pony. I am very happy to recommend it to anyone".

Mrs Harrison

“I used LamiPro and I recommend it to every horse lover I know. It has worked wonders. I can’t thank Global Herbs enough for LamiPro because without it, these two horses I love the most would be who knows where.”

Stacie Clayton

"Your LamiPro is Absolutely Amazing!"

Kirsty Vickary, Exeter


"I was very worried about Luke’s laminae. LamiPro was the only thing that helped maintain him in good form.

Mrs Forber - Cheshire

Melissa uses LamiPro on her show jumper, Casper III

Melissa Eagles, Essex

"I am delighted with LamiPro."

Sandy Rigby - Southern Ireland

"Just before Christmas Hamish had a party in the feed room and ate too much. By the end of 1 week on LamiPro and lots of TLC things were good, by the end of week 2 he was raring to go and very bright. He is now out 24/7 and of a nice weight . My sons and Hamish are delighted.

Lizzie Harrington - Cleveland