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WinterBoost – Coral & Bella’s Review

Chris Price

My name is Coral Blew and my horse is Bella who is currently 25 years of age. She is a cob and I have had her for 8 and half years.


Week 1: So Bella has been on WinterBoost for a week now. Physically I can’t see much difference, however mentally I feel she has had more energy and has carried herself better.

Week 2: Bella has been full of beans and I feel like I have a 4year old not a 25 nearly 26 year old!! Nothing else has changed from her routine or diet so I think it must be the WinterBoost! I took some photos and you can see she is standing more ‘proud’.

Week 3: Bella is doing well on WinterBoost and I’ve noticed her coat isn’t as dull as it went last winter. She normally gets a cough this time of year but hasn’t got one since being on WinterBoost. Mentally she still thinks she’s a young mare which is great!

Week 4: Bella has now completed the trial tub of WinterBoost and wow, what a difference it has made! Her coat has had a lovely shine to it and she has kept her condition (and not had a cough which she normally gets this time of year!!). Mentally she is like a youngster again, my 25 nearly 26 year old horse seems to have been replaced with a 4year old! Even when I asked my dad if he has noticed a difference in her lately, he said she seems more alert. Nothing else in her routine or diet has changed so can only put this down to WinterBoost!



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