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What a week for Roo!

Chris Price

What a week, what a week, what a mighty good week!!!!!!!

So we headed to Aston with Tig, Frog, Watt and with Donk, Otto and Sirius doing their first ever intermediate.

Otto, despite being an excellent dressage horse, took huge umbrage at the letters marking the arenas, wouldn’t go in one corner and felt the judges’ box was also terrifying (may have got him a little too fit!) however he produced a fantastic double clear and I couldn’t be more chuffed.

Donkey did a great test scoring 30.3 with 1 down sj and what can only be described as an enthusiastic xc round – so enthusiastic we may have had to circle in the middle of the field to gain some control! We did gave a run out, though it was more of a carry on as he didn’t turn onto the second part he just thundered straight past it. Needless to say he is thrilled with himself and while we may have to find some brakes he did all the technical stuff and I’m pretty thrilled too.

Sirius tried very hard in his test, to score a respectable 32. His jumping technique is special, we’re not quite sure how he gets over the fence but my word does he try, he merely tapped the middle of the triple and it sadly came down but I couldn’t be more proud of my stallion. He flew round the xc like a pro with the exception of the water where he decided he needed to have a good look before throwing himself in, they gave him a 20, which I thought was harsh but I couldn’t care less, he proved he is epic!

So onto the big boys – Froggie did a fab test but the judge disagreed, I had a pole sj and we had a disagreement about the start box, Frog felt it was not necessary to go into it at all, which resulted in me jumping off and then embarrassingly heaving myself back on while Frog looked at me in a disgusted manner; luckily this did not stop him flying round.

Tigger for him did a good test, while I say good I did also say for him – this means that he behaved and did all the movement; unfortunately it does not mean we didn’t go round skirting and completely terrified of the indoor school. He did his best sj and like an idiot I was excited and did not sit up for last fence which was the final element of the triple, serves me right!!!! Never stop riding till you leave the arena. However he did his usual amazing xc.

Watt watt did a lovely test one down sj and clear xc and ended up third, yay!

On Sunday we headed to Larkhill for the unaffiliated with the race ponies. I accidentally entered poor Alfie for the bigger class, it was a very tough track with ditches, skinnies and a big trakhana, which was in the 100 on the BE day and he totally surprised me but coming 5th, brilliant, maybe a future star but he is for sale!!

Champers did a lovely test and a double clear, she should have won but she may have had a few time faults for going too fast, in my defence I didn’t wear my watch and the time was very lenient.

Goose did a 26 message, had one down and a silly at the ditch but was chuffed with all of them, they haven’t been long on the race course and they tried and listened and have taken to eventing quickly.

From Larkhill to Mount Ballen, with Griff doing the novice regional final, so intermediate dressage and sj with novice xc, jolly doing the novice and Clive doing the be100.

Well it rained and it rained Jolly set the day off with a 32 dressage and a double clear, I had time because the ground was pretty horrid but he finished 7th. Griff made a good job of his first intermediate test and Ma and I were pretty happy, again the judge didn’t agree but he produced a lovely double clear so that was great.

Clive produced a fantastic 27 dressage and pulled out a brilliant double clear to finish 8th, he is also for sale.

We are heading to Tweseldown on Monday so fingers crossed my luck can continue.


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