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Update from Sarah Gadd

Chris Price

Last weekend, we were competing at Petley Wood Equestrian Centre. This is somewhere we haven’t been before and despite the journey being a bit slow due to the route there involving hardly any motorway roads, mainly B roads, it is somewhere I will go again as the school is lovely with a great surface.

I had Milli off the lorry first to jump in the 90cm Open and I was aiming for her to jump happily round and enjoy it after her recent shenanigans. This unfortunately was not the case, and she stopped again which really isn’t like Milli at all, she normally loves her jumping! After my round I was approached by a lady who is a vet and she asked me about Milli and after chatting for a while she asked if Milli has ever suffered from travel sickness? This isn’t something that had crossed my mind at all and after looking into it a bit further she does fit some of the symptoms. I could sit here for ages trying to figure out what is wrong, if only they could talk and tell us what is wrong! To try and pinpoint what isn’t 100% with her we are heading to the vets on Friday afternoon for some tests…..fingers crossed we can find out what it is. 

Roxie was next and it was our first attempt at the British Novice second rounds. It was a decent track, causing plenty of problems all around the course. Roxie jumped a super round for clear in the first round which I was very pleased with. She felt great 🙂 Out of the competitors who started, less than a third jumped clear so we didn’t have too long to wait before our second round. The height of the fences had gone up considerably and although Roxie has jumped big tracks before, this was by far the biggest she has jumped since she injured her knee. She started the round brilliantly and we approached the final combination on what felt like a good stride but at the last minute Roxie stopped. We came round and on the second approach she jumped through the combination knocking down the final part. Trebles have always been her nemesis and it became clear that where she is unable to flex her knee as much now due to the damage and scar tissue on it, I don’t think she felt comfortable jumping that sort of height. She owes me absolutely nothing and I am very lucky to have her back out competing following her injuries so I won’t ask too much of her at all now and just go out and have plenty of fun doing all sorts of different things!

We will have a slightly quieter weekend this weekend as there aren’t any shows I had planned to go to and I will wait to see what the verdict is with Milli following our trip to the vets on Friday – fingers crossed we can find out what’s up with her and hopefully it isn’t anything too serious!


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