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Update from Sarah Gadd!

Chris Price

Last weekend we went to Pachesham Equestrian Centre for the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) South East Championships. Although we have taken part in RoR sections at some British Eventing competitions, this was the first official RoR show that we have been to and we will definitely be going to more as it was such a friendly and well run competition.


First class we did was the RoR Amateur Ridden Show Series Qualifier – yes a showing class! Something that I haven’t done for 5+ years at least and not something that I have ever done with Roxie! It was a qualifier for the RoR National Championships next year and after realising that the SJ points Roxie got from the few British Showjumping competitions we have done this year would have qualified her for this years National Championships I thought we could try and qualify for a few classes next year…..or that is the plan anyway. The class was very popular with 19 horse and rider combinations coming forward and Roxie got rather excited as we were all trotting and cantering around the grass arena, although she soon realised when she needed to twinkle her toes in front of the judge! Roxie behaved impeccably, standing in the line when needed, trotting up very nicely and performing a great individual show. Prior to the individual show and trot up we were pulled in line in 8th place. As we were walking round and being called in for final placings Roxie was continuing to put her best hoof forward and I was very pleased when we were pulled in and awarded a 4th place! Not bad for our first ever attempt at showing although a little frustrating as it was the first 3 combinations that qualified! Never mind, at least I now know that we do stand a chance so may look to do more with her!


After this we did one of the dressage classes and chose to do Elementary 44, a test that we have done a few times and despite this I still managed to go wrong towards the end of the test causing us to loose a few marks which cost us the win and we finished just 0.52% behind the winner on a score of 62.00%. Roxie was a bit cheeky during the test at times and not doing as she was told which caused a little tension at times so we undoubtedly lost a few marks here as well.

I was very pleased with how well Roxie performed, both in the show ring and the dressage arena. It has been more than a year since we have done any dressage too so considering the dressage arena was right next to the SJ arena I’m pleased with how well she concentrated whilst there was jumping next door! May even do a little more dressage with her through the winter…..I would love to look into doing some dressage to music because I think Roxie would really like to twinkle her hooves to some music!


Talking of twinkling hooves to music, to brighten up our walk sessions I have been playing the radio and music on my phone whenever I have been in the school on Milli which she seems to like. She really concentrates when there is music playing, she hasn’t quite established marching to the beat as this would involve using herself and Milli has the tendency to be a little lazy when it comes to work! Milli is definitely enjoying being back in work though and we are nearly at the end of our walk work and can start introducing a few minutes of trot each day as of next week… strap at the ready!


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