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Update from Sarah Gadd

Chris Price

We have had a week of mixed emotions here which started early Saturday morning when we said a very sad good bye to the lovely Diaz. I was incredibly sorry to see her go as she has been part of the team now for over 2 years ? We have both taught each other an awful lot and after lots of thought I had to make the decision that I just don’t have time for three horses and a full time work. She is going to a lovely new home and the person buying her has said they will let me know how they get on… never know we may see her when we are out competing if we are ever in the area!


The rest of the bank holiday weekend was rather quiet and Roxie and I made the most of the sunshine that we had and went out on some lovely long hacks. Talking of Roxie and last Tuesday we had a flatwork lesson with the fantastic Jan Breeze. Roxie did some fantastic work and we have made a few plans for some things to do with her which may even include a bit of showing… this space!!

Last Wednesday I finished work early as had an appointment at the vets with Milli, after a few months of box rest it was time to check how everything was. Milli thought all her Christmas’ had come at once when I put her travel boots on a loaded her onto the lorry – much to Roxie’s disgust, she was staying at home! It was good news and Milli now has the all clear to begin ridden work again. She still has a few weeks box rest ahead of her until she is fit enough to be turned out in the big field again. Milli the escape artist was back up to her tricks today and she snuck out under her chain to go and eat grass on the garden! On the positive I suppose it saves my dad a job if Milli does the mowing! She had to have her front shoes back on before she could be ridden and after a quick phone call to my farrier when we returned to the yard from the vets, he managed to juggle things about for us so he came the next day to do her – what a great service!!

I got back on Milli over the weekend so, she walked out beautifully,  I wasn’t expecting her to be as calm and quiet, especially after 3 months box rest! But it meant I managed to get some ‘between the ears’ shots whilst on board!


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