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Update from Evie Toombes

Chris Price

The inspirational Evie Toombes, Team Global Herbs rider, para rider and hidden disability ambassador, has taken time out of her super-busy schedule to send us an update on how she’s getting on with her horses – long-standing partner, Daisy, and up-and-coming Apple.

It’s been a hectic few weeks! With exams and hospital admissions earlier this month I had to take a little break from riding the horses, something I don’t want to have to do again! For me, sitting in the saddle gives me the freedom I don’t get standing on my own two feet and it is the best cure for a stressful day. So having to swap that freedom for 10 days in hospital followed by a week of exams was undesirable to say the least.

Since getting back on board, I’ve been grinning from ear to ear. With Daisy being 15 this year, it’s paramount when I can’t ride that she’s kept moving and well so I can jump straight back on when I’m ready. Adding Global Herbs’ Move Free supplement to Daisy’s feed makes a huge difference to her performance both at home and at shows. With older horses, it’s so important to keep them enjoying their job with ease, a little help from Move Free enables Daisy to turn that bit tighter in a jump off, jump from any stride (to help me out occasionally!) and give an overall better performance.

I was lucky enough to jump in the show jumping qualifier for the Nationals as part of Team Area 24 with Daisy this weekend just gone. After not competing in three weeks and being part of a team, the pressure was on a little to produce two double clears – but super Daisy pulled it out of the bag! Our team qualified for the championships in August and I can’t wait to jump there.

Alongside Daisy, I’ve been riding Apple, my mum’s six year old that we’ve been producing since buying her unbroken at three. My flatwork coach Kate Lewis worked her magic on us in a lesson this week and I’m now building up a wonderful partnership with Apple ready for jumping later this summer with Kate’s help and guidance. Exciting times!

With Apple being young, she’s always needed to ‘fill out a little more’, looking at her now she’s more developed and not so lanky she looks to be in perfect shape and great condition! We add GlobalVite to Apple and Daisy’s feed just to give them the extra vitamins they need, especially in the winter when grass grazing is at a minimum – it’s worked so well for the girls and kept them in such good condition that we’ve continued using it!

Both Apple and Daisy are thriving on their supplements and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this summer holds with them.


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