4 Global Herbs Tips for Horse Nutrition Requirements

October 13, 2020 Chris Price

Horse Nutrition Requirements October, the month of pumpkin spiced lattes, crunchy leaves and cosy nights in. I think it’s fair to say that we may enjoy this season a lot more than our four-legged friends as it can become a challenge for maintaining their weight and condition throughout the colder and wintery seasons. Reduced daylight hours, freezing temperatures and wetter UK […]

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Horse Hoof | Hoofs place in the modern day…a 2 part story

September 15, 2020 Chris Price

Hoofs Background Horse hoofs are key to overall health. Equine hooves are rather like nails.  When our nutrition is perfect then our nails grow well, do not crack, and look wonderful. I was once in South Africa and a local said they had always had problems with their race horse’s hooves no matter what they fed […]

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Top 5 ways to alleviate flies for horses

May 7, 2020 Chris Price

Top 5 ways to alleviate flies for horses   Don’t let flies take over! Warmer weather means more activities to enjoy with your horse, but this also means we are approaching the dreaded fly season! Even though horses are all born with a unique fly squatter (their tail) it never seems to be enough to […]

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September 4, 2019 Global Herbs Office

My horse Liquorice was coughing a lot. I had lots of veterinary help but at the end of the day they said that it would be best to rely on nutrition and her immune system to do its job and not feed any more antibiotics. I therefore bought some Global Herbs ImmuPlus and after 2 […]

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Older Horse Transformed – Leah

August 22, 2019 Global Herbs Office

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know at Global Herbs how delighted I am with the change in my 21 year old ex-racehorse. I only started him on your veteran supplement 4 days ago and he feels like a youngster again! He was stiff, lacking energy and his coat was a little dull […]

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#SUMMERPROOF your horse the natural way!

March 26, 2019 Global Herbs Office

Summer is the time to enjoy being outside with our horses, however, it is also the season of flies, pollen and lush grass, all of which bring their challenges! Global Herbs has a range of herbal products to address all of these issues, so you can keep your horse healthy, happy and performing its best, […]

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Turmeric and Brewers Yeast- Jenny and Domino

September 22, 2017 Global Herbs Office

I have owned Domino for 8 and a half years now, since he was only 6 months old, and have backed and trained him myself.  He is my baby.  Domino unfortunately suffers with sweet itch and it is heart breaking to see him so uncomfortable due to his condition and in so much pain from […]

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Update from Sarah Gadd

September 8, 2017 Global Herbs Office

We have had a week of mixed emotions here which started early Saturday morning when we said a very sad good bye to the lovely Diaz. I was incredibly sorry to see her go as she has been part of the team now for over 2 years ? We have both taught each other an awful […]

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Update from Evie Toomes

August 25, 2017 Global Herbs Office

Evie has Struggled lately but her commitment to riding and competing hasn’t wavered. A fabulous show at Arena UK-ESUK resulted in some fantastic places and wins in her section (forces equine). Daisy jumped clear in all 3 classes- really looking after Evie who rode brilliantly with this new partner. Evie was determined to attend the […]

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Update from Laura Geary

August 25, 2017 Global Herbs Office

We have had a very busy three weeks with lots of competitions in which all three of the horses have had top 10 placings in all of their competitions. First was Chilham Castle BE where Edd (Nightshade II) was in the BE90 and Creme (Creme De La Creme) was in the BE100. Edd finished 2nd […]

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