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Turmeric Testimonial – Roxanne & Lily

Chris Price

Turmeric is not something we would normally recommend for summer itching as we have more comprehensive supplements available, but this story just goes to show how versatile some of these natural supplements can be!

“Lily is a 16hh coloured Irish sports horse mare brought over from Ireland as a yearling, born in 2008.

I was never familiar with Global Herbs products until I stumbled across your Turmeric. For years Lily has rubbed out chunks of hair, including the majority of her mane and sometimes she would rub so much she’d end up with minor wounds.

This year since using Global Herbs Turmeric her skin condition has been really well maintained and for the first time ever I have actually had to pull and thin her mane as there is so much of it. I am thoroughly delighted with your product and would recommend it to anyone!

Roxanne & Lily’s Story:

In 2012, my mum went out and brought what was to be my first very own horse from Cambridgeshire. I began working with the horse but there was also a lovely coloured mare that I began riding. She was just backed and being prepped for sale as a hunter. I started riding her more and more, taking her out on hound exercise on a weekly basis. It was then announced she was sold and that Sunday was to be my last ride on her. I was allowed to take her out on one last hound exercise, her new owners were coming to watch and were taking her home after the meet. I was absolutely devastated after all my weeks and months of hard work I had put into her, I wished I had the money to afford her myself. We had formed such a fantastic bond, she trusted me and I trusted her.

However, after scrubbing and polishing Lily to within an inch of her life I was asked to bring her out for inspection and she was given to me as an 18th birthday present by my parents!

We have been to many shows and have various placings. We have so far done ridden and in-hand showing, qualifying in the ridden for Equifest, ESUK, TSR and Amateur Showing Society, The East Anglian Horse Show and Royal London. We have done unaffiliated show jumping up to 1M and she is showing a promising future. I hope to register her with BSJA in the forthcoming year.

We are eager to continue competing and we are constantly looking to better ourselves, we will be competing in primarily Show jumping, concours d’elegance, and ridden showing regularly and have also begun cross country schooling.

We competed at Equifest for the first time in 2014 with what was her second time ever showing and she came a respectable 9th out of 31 and got through to the evening performance, and at her first show back after the winter she has already qualified for the following in 2015:

Royal London
Amateur Showing Society.

Thank you Global Herbs, from Lily and I!”

Lily - Before & After


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