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Topcat Teece to the Rescue!

Chris Price

Georgeina, our Area Sales Manager in the North and Scotland, had an interesting drive home after a day out on the road last week…

“As I drove home from my last customer on Thursday evening I spotted two very cute Shetlands tethered to the side of the road – or so I thought. As I got closer I realised they were too close together to be tethered and then it struck me that they were loose on a 60mph single carriageway with lorries and cars zooming by the side of them. So I pulled my car up on the grass verge and tried to get near them but they soon walked off.  So I thought better of it and went to the nearest farm to see if they belonged to them. The farmers were none the wiser and with no horse experience it took quite a lot of convincing to get them to help me!

With a few people I managed to stop the traffic and create a block at either end of the busy road so they couldn’t go any further as they were both trotting off in the middle of the road. The little black Shetland was very good and I managed to get him straight away – luckily a passer-by had a long dog lead which I made into a head collar. The coloured  pony however was a little bit more nervous and took a bit of ‘Monty Roberts’ type horsemanship to let me get near him. Luckily he had a head collar on so once I got hold of him I managed to lead them to the nearest farm which was a good mile away and in the pouring rain. With me not living in the area the farmers made some calls and found the owners who then came and collected them from their make-shift stable.


Tip – always keep a head collar and lead rope in your car and ideally some Global Herbs treats as you never know what’s around the corner!



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