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Roo Fox

We have some exciting news at Global Herbs as we welcome 4* event rider Roo Fox to the Global Herbs Team of Sponsored Riders!

For those of you who don’t know Roo, here is her story:

“I started my riding life with a very ill-tempered Shetland called Snowy that spent a lot of time biting, snorting and farting. Luckily he was on loan and when he left, my father got me a pretty chestnut mare who very obligingly took me round all manner of competitions and pony club activities. Through senior school I had my first taste of Eventing with Kings Cross, both of us first-timers and as green as grass. Jake went on to be an outstanding team horse with my cousin David Doel and I met an amazing five year old called Islington (nicknamed Frog) who is still with us today and is the most intelligent horse I have ever owned. After leaving Bristol University, I got Fleet Street (aka Tigger) in a swop for a rather temperamental show jumper and started him on his career that led us to Burghley last year. Since then I have built up a great string of talented horses, some of which had to sadly leave us to pay for the others, and a lovely group of owners who support me both at home and at events.”

Welcome to the team Roo!



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