Jennifer Olivier

Horse Fitness, by Jennifer Olivier, Veterinary Physiotherapist, MCSP

May 18, 2017 James Evans

Horse Fitness: We all know that a horse has to be fit to do his or her job but do we really know how to recognise the signs of fatigue, do we know if our training regime is enough and do we know if the horse is physically comfortable to perform the tasks we are […]

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Jennifer Olivier Blog – Dealing with Fear

March 21, 2017 James Evans

You might just be a ‘Happy Hacker’, or even a top competition rider, but either way we have all fallen victim to ‘The Fear’ at some stage. “I have been one of those mislead riders who believe that the top professionals in our sport are crazy, fearless nutcases who eat glass and brake fluid for […]

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Jennifer Olivier Update – Bloggity Blog Blog!

March 2, 2017 James Evans

“Global Herbs have asked me to introduce our horses to you, and I understand that it can be boring if you don’t know me or them personally so I’ve done a quick ‘who’s who in the zoo’. I promise I will do an additional exciting blog this month to ensure I make up for it. […]

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Jennifer Olivier Update

February 2, 2017 James Evans

Our newest member of Team GH, #GHRisingStar Jennifer Olivier has sent in her first Global Herbs blog. It’s full of winter tips that you might find quite useful…   DON’T READ THIS BLOG!!!! “So now that I have your attention, you little rebel, I like you already! In general, blogs can be quite personal about […]

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