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Jennifer Marie Olivier

Introducing Global Herbs’ Rising Star Competition Winner for 2017… Jennifer Olivier!


Jennifer was born in Durban, South Africa and was from a flat racing family. Her father had been a jockey when younger and a number of her cousins were jockeys including one who headed up the team as riding master at the Summerveld Jockey Academy.


Jennifer literally rode before she could walk and when she was able to ride on her own started lessons at the local riding school.

She emigrated to the UK in 1996 and trained as a Veterinary Nurse, working at Battersea Dogs Home and qualifying in 2000. She specialised in Surgery and post-operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation and has worked in a number of top Orthopaedic and Equine hospitals all over the country. She took this further by studying her Master’s Level Advanced Veterinary Physiotherapy at Nottingham Vet School.


Jennifer now specialises in Equine rehabilitation and works in conjunction with Veterinary Surgeons and Specialists to ensure that horses receive the best possible treatment from performance issues to surgical rehabilitation. She believes that owner education is paramount and strives to teach owners how to help and train their horses, as well as things to avoid and preventing further injury. She will be providing a few blogs for us at Global Herbs with hints and tips to help you and your horse stay in the best possible shape both inside and out. She will also be welcoming any requests on particular topics and queries and will strive to help provide the best solutions.


Competitively Jennifer has been competing since she was very young and enjoys all of the disciplines. When she was 16 she sadly lost her horse to a brain haemorrhage whilst riding, and her father bought her a cheap newly broken American Saddler called Loverboy. She was told ‘he will never jump, they aren’t built that way’, but he proved them all wrong and achieved Junior B grade and was 6th at the South African Championships. Jennifer took Loverboy eventing and competed up to Intermediate level with him and never looked back.


She currently owns 7 horses along with her husband Tristan, who is a horsebox engineer and who also competes. Over the next 12 months you will get to meet the individual horses in their lives and will be updated on the highs and lows for 2017. All of the horses use Global Herbs supplements and Jennifer has found them to be highly beneficial and is very excited to be part of a team that she believes in, rather than just endorsing.





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