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Team GH – Sarah Gadd Update

Richard Martin

“Just wanted to give you a quick update after we have had a few weeks quiet on the competition front but have been very busy training ready for the season ahead! The last two weekends I have had SJ lessons with Diaz and she has been jumping brilliantly. We have been doing some gymnastic exercises with her to help her technique over the fence and then jumping some bigger fences on related distances which just shows how much the gymnastic exercises are helping her develop! She has a very careful jump anyway with a great back end on her so we have been working on her developing more muscle on her shoulders and front end which is really helping her! We are hoping to go out this weekend, either to a combined training show or a BS show!

Please find below some links to video clips of us training: – 23-01-16 – 30-01-16

Roxie has had a quiet start to the year with there being so little daylight hours outside of my 9-5 work hours and with our lights not working properly in our school at home I’ve been finding it hard to ride much during the week which has been a pain, but there is light at the end of the tunnel now! I managed to get both Roxie and Diaz ridden before work today which was a first…….roll on summer!! I have a few dressage competition planned for Roxie over the next few months and there are some summer show series that I am planning to do with her, with the hope of qualifying for the championships at the end of the summer. Roxie does seem to prefer competing outdoors and concentrates on me a lot more then as well without getting too tense.

Milli is coming towards the end of her box rest and after having her feet trimmed on Friday she is allowed to start doing some walk work and gradually build up her work level slowly. Although I can’t wait to get back on her and get her out doing what she loves most I will have to make sure I have my much needed neck strap on when I do get on as she is feeling very well in herself and rather fresh… she comes out of the stable for me to muck out doing the odd little buck and just squeaks to herself!! Fingers crossed it isn’t a You’ve Been Framed moment!!

As always I will keep you updated with all the goings on as we’ve got lots to look forward to this year and I can’t wait to get going!”


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