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Team GH – Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“And so it has begun, the first event of the season! I had 8 due to go, sadly poor Bella didn’t get a road trip due to the cancellation. As Aston was full and the BE100 was cancelled I took the two stallions, Donk and Sirius to do the BE90. Aston-le-Walls is great for the horses as the dressage and show jumping are all on an arena surface. Sadly Sirius’ arena was right next to the ditch we fell into when XC schooling up there. Having warmed up beautifully, we went round the edge of the ring and he eyed the ditch, oh dear. Sirius was jumping every time we went round
that particular area of the school. In fairness to him Raven felt the same way. Everyone else did a nice but slightly excited test, they are clever animals and they new from the loud speakers that this was the real thing and not a training show!

Onto the SJ… Well my horses all behaved badly spooking at the fillers and the piled up jumps in the corner. Luckily for me all my training and lessons with Dicky Waygood paid off. Everyone put in a clear apart from Sirius who had a pole mainly due to leaping sideways in preparation for any ditches to come.

The BE90 was a lovely track but despite all the effort the team at Aston put in the going was a bit deep. Donk put in a nice clear but steady. Sadly for poor Sirius the ditch at fence 6 scared him witless, however he did jump it the third time so I am actually pleased. His next event is Tweseldown which is only ditches, so hopefully it will cure him, fingers crossed!

Tadpole who was doing his first ever event, rose to the challenge and nailed the xc to end up 7th. He is for sale if anyone is interested…

The unaffiliated BE100 had a skinny triple brush into water with no alternative which I though was a bit tough, but my ponies aced it. Raven really struggled with the ground, so I have put her onto some Global herbs Restore, just to make sure she is in tip top condition for Tweseldown! Otto having only had one clear on his record gave me a fab feel, as did Griff and he finished 10th despite slow time XC. Batman was doing the Novice and despite doing a lot of side ways in the show jumping put in a great clear XC, he hasn’t had one of those for a while! So I was thrilled.

All in all 6 double clears out of 7, and while the dressages were a bit off the pace, I just need to speed up XC. Very excited for Tweseldown on
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!”


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