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Team GH – Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“So we’re into the last week! Final training sessions and the prep of horses and equipment! This is usually a very tiring time for me, but this year I have my secret weapon – Abbie Adams! A head girl at last. So far she has trimmed, pulled and plucked all 10 horses going to Aston this weekend (including two liveries horses), emptied and cleaned the lorry, emptied the tack room and re-packed the lorry. This is no mean feat. The medical kit has to be checked, restocked and made tidy after the winter. The same with the grooming kit, but we have to add stud kit, spanner, spare spanner (they always wander off), WD40 for the studs, plaiting kits, endless mane combs, scissors, new clean numnahs! We need to make sure we have extra rugs, water and haylage and that the cupboards are stocked ready for long days, owner and of course the doglets! She has made lists for the tack we will need for the three days we’re going including packing spare bridles, head collars and girths in case something breaks!

This has allowed me to concentrate on riding, rather than already being knackered before we leave! I am indebted to her and our team! Molly is finally home, having recovered from her spiral fracture and we have two new members of our team in Ashley and Morgan! I also couldn’t survive without Lyn Phelps back at home keeping everything running smoothly and the horses ticking over on the days I am away.

I think we’re ready, bring it on and please let me have some good news to bring you on the next blog!”


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