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TEAM GH – Introducing Camilla Hardie!

Chris Price

We are excited to introduce Camilla Hardie, our newest member of Team GH and her horses!

“I am very excited to be picked as Global Herbs Rising Star for 2016. As a long time user of a variety of Global Herbs products I hope it will make 2016 a super year!  I’ll introduce myself – Camilla Hardie, I live in Shropshire with my long suffering husband, who was once described as ‘non-horsey’ and now, 10 years down the line, seems to have picked up a lot from my constant horse speak! I have had horses all my life, attending Pony Club, showing, eventing and jumping from a young age. I have 5 horses, gathered over many years;

Onny Charlie Pride, my successful 15hh WHP who also competed in plenty of Pony Club teams and started my affiliation’s with the BSJA and BHTA (as they were then). I’ve owned him for 25 years, he is now 31 and the boss of the team, my mother accredits him for most of her grey hair, being a very typical Welsh Cob partbred. He will still push me over to get to the good grass! The photo is him in his hay day (chestnut jumping rustic fence), probably about 1993 at Ponies UK, and I still remember just how big and wide this fence was!

Lord of the Dance, my 17.2hh black Irish Sports horse who is now 20 and semi-retired. I produced him from a 4 year old, a successful eventer and showjumper, we always flew round the cross country in record time due to his long legs but usually failed at the dressage! He pulls very impressive grumpy faces but doesn’t mean a word of it! This photo of him was our first Novice at Storeton in 2003 (black horse jumping XC fence).

Beau Jangles, 16.2hh KWPN, at 10 in his prime, although suffered a devastating kick on Christmas Day 2012 severing a tendon. After a long slow recovery he’s back to top form and heading to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup in 2016 as well as the Blue Chip Showjumping Championships, anything now is an incredible bonus. He has always been a very quirky horse, he will stamp on fence rails till they snap, rip up anything left within reach and squeaks after every jump! The photo is of Beau winning his BE100RF at Broadway (bay jumping XC fence).

For The Boys is also 10, at 17hh, my cow pony of unknown breeding. He is the ultimate all-rounder, in 2015 we qualified for the Royal International as a coloured hunter, the Blue Chip Showjumping Championships in 3 classes, the Corinithan Cup at the Festival of British Eventing and the BRC Intermediate Dressage championships. He never says no to anything, well, maybe the odd water jump which is his ‘bête noir’. He has a very kind nature and loves a cuddle, wastes me valuable mucking out time! See photo of Dougal at Gatcombe (skewbald jumping out of water).

Finally, the newest recruit is Kellythorpes Adonis G, a rising 4 piebald warmblood, he has some big cow pony shoes to fill but he has a wonderful temperament and has proved very genuine so far. Possibly aim him at some age classes this year or BYEH, depending on how we get on. He has vveeerrryyyyyy long ears which I am hoping he’ll grow into! The photo is of his first ever jump under saddle at Christmas (piebald jumping in school).”

Welcome on board Camilla!

 Onny Charlie Pride

Kellythorpes Adonis G Beau Jangles


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