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Team GH – Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“I started off this week by taking Beau and Dougal for their first XC school of the year to Somerford Park to use their huge arena XC facility. Covering 3 acres it is some facility, including their vast water complex and fences of all types. Both horses were great and have plenty of confidence going into the eventing season, Dougal much prefers big solid fences than those pesky poles that fall down!

At the weekend we went to Field House’s second arena eventing fixture. Had a bit of a dramatic journey, as I arrived down an A road just after a significant RTA (everyone involved was OK). I had to reverse the lorry about 500 yards down the road whilst all the cars behind me turned around, and subsequently did a 40 minute detour! Arrived at Field House in a bit of a flap but had time to walk the course, which is always a bonus when there are 21 fences! Threw the tack on Beau and a quick warm up and he jumped a super clear. Luckily I had a more leisurely (and quiet) warm up for Dougal and I ‘razzed him’ round the warm up to get his adrenaline up and get him thinking forward. Well, that seemed to do the trick as he flew round clear too, and in the best time, pipping Beau into 2nd and Dougal for the win! I’m hoping this means Beau has enough points in the table to qualify for Blenheim but we shall see. Couldn’t be more pleased with them both, especially Dougal who managed to redeem himself after the pole bashing of late.

Beau is coming to the end of his second month on Global Herbs Muscle Up and I think we are starting to see a change, he is looking well and strong ahead of their eventing season which starts this weekend at Aston Le Walls.”

Little video of Dougal at Somerford:


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