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Team GH – Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“This week definitely got better! Still suffering from spikey back pain I have spent most of the week being frustrated at having such pain whilst riding, so have been lunging and juggling horsey days off whilst still having to muck out. I did treat myself, instead of the horses, to a Chiropractor session which greatly helped. Which is a relief as I entered Beau and Dougal in 2 classes each at Kelsall Hill arena eventing for Saturday! Luckily managed to get my lorry back Friday night too so all systems go.

Loaded up on painkillers we arrived to a beautiful bright and sunny Kelsall, albeit with an ice cold wind, I couldn’t actually feel my arms or face! I had totally forgotten how many fences they cram in the arena (7 show jumps, followed by 8 XC portables which are different for each class 80-Novice, followed by 2 more show jumps) So I spent the next hour frantically trying to remember my 2 courses. Both Beau and Dougal warmed up great for the BE100 but both unfortunately rolled a pole, but in a good quick time – meaning they came 7th and 9th and we have accrued points for the Blenheim arena eventing championships. I blamed the very bright low sunshine in my eyes, which quite possibly affected the horses too, I was sitting waiting for a stride that I couldn’t see and never turned up! Next into the Novice, I am not entirely sure Dougal left any show jumps up, sun was even lower, but he skipped the XC like a pro. This meant that by the time I jumped Beau the sun had gone, and although almost dark, we jumped a super fast clear round to win! So I will continue to blame the low sun, and, just maybe, a sore back! So very pleased with Beau, his first party since the start of November, and big enough cross country fences! Photos kindly provided by someone else mad enough to stand in the bitter cold all day, Vincent Whitehead Photography!”

Arena XC Dougal


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