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Team GH – Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“I have had horses long enough to know that not much ever goes to plan with them, and this week was testament to my beliefs!
Started on Monday, dropping my lorry off and being promised it would be back with me by the weekend. I dutifully entered 2 horses in 2 classes each at Sunday’s forthcoming JAS (Jumping and Style) at Solihull, at eyewatering cost!

Wednesday I attempted to up my fitness plans and take advantage of the beautiful crisp winter sunshine and take the horses for a long hack in our local, beautiful woods (as photo). Gave them their final clips and they look gleaming! That afternoon I managed to tweak my back and seemingly pull a muscle whilst attempting to tame my muck heap.

Friday, although still hobbling slightly from back pain I dragged all my fences out and created my own JAS course, including bounce, fillers, corner, skinny skinny and water tray. Popped both horses round who had a lovely time, especially Beau who hasn’t jumped since November.  I then put the fences right down for Bailey to have a look at and he, as per his normal, didn’t bat an eyelid. I am sure he has been on this Earth before! Sadly that evening I discovered my lorry was not going to be ready and I had to withdraw from the JAS. Sad and slightly angry face!

Saturday went from bad to worse as I took some pain killers to which I was allergic, so a brief trip to A and E and a day off riding meant I was possibly glad of not going to Solihull! I also discovered my poor old greyhound had managed to tear a claw straight off, putting my bandaging skills into practise yet again!
Hopefully, this week will be a better week and I get my lorry home! Beau has started on Muscle Up and Immuplus, and Dougal has started on Restore. Even if we don’t get out anywhere they will be feeling fit, happy and raring to go.”


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