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Winter Stiffness in Horse Joints? | 5 Magnificent Supplements to Support | Global Herbs

Chris Price

horse joints

We all know that horse joints can get creaky in the winter and this can cause unease for both horse and rider. Not only do stiff joints impact on our horse’s health but it is also likely to become an obstacle in your training and reduce performance levels. We have many safe supplements that will support your horse’s joints and through mobility discomfort.  

MoveFree Plus for horse joints

horse joints

First thing’s first, don’t panic! Stiffness is much more common than you might think and sometimes might not be as serious as it looks. Movefree Plus is our amazing mobility supplement which has the unique property of providing the necessary nutrients to promote the main joint fluid chemical HA (Hyaluronic Acid). This not only helps to keep cartilage (that cushions the horse joints) strong and flexible, but it also helps to accelerate the flow of joint-lubricating synovial fluid. Movefree Plus also has strong, soothing properties which are perfect for all horses when their joints aren’t quite right. 

Hocks for horse joints

horse joints

Common Stiffness can appear in the hind legs and hock joint. The Hock joint is very unique in needing very strong bones to carry the weight of the horse and provide athleticism.  If the bones are weak and there is constant rubbing between them then this will wear them out quickly. Any issues with the hocks and hind legs are therefore very sensitive to the strength of the bones. Hocks contains one of our skeletal focus products: Strongbone, to make a difference to bone density.  The main herb in our Strongbone formula is one of my favourites called Cissus Quadrangularis or Veldt Grape. I discovered tribal people using it to help bone strength when I worked in Sudan.  

The Hocks supplement is the only approach you need for those tired hock joints, also addressing all other horse joints very well at the same time. For general stiffness or soreness from no obvious cause, you can also compliment Hocks with the very strong Boswellia in our Alphabute.  It has shown to work the same day you feed it and the results are truly amazing. 

Turmeric for horse joints

horse joints

In conjunction with Alphabute you can also use the now very famous Turmeric.  We use straight turmeric which contains a great variety of natural compounds which help with general inflammation and stiffness.  Curcumin is well known as a principal curcuminoid of turmeric, which is a member of the ginger family! There are however several other compounds that work in harmony, they are equally important, particularly the polysaccharides that turmeric contains.  The polysaccharides– some types are water-soluble so the body can readily digest then absorb the benefits from all the compounds.  

Restore and VeteranPlus to support horse joints


We must also consider other factors that can affect equine joints this winter.  The joints are connected to the rest of the body and will not work well if the rest of the body is not in good shape.  Therefore, horse joints need a strong and healthy digestive system with a robust immune system.  In younger horses, a regular course of our Restore liver tonic is very helpful and in older horses, a course or regular measure of VeteranPlus will do the trick.  VeteranPlus contains both Restore and ImmuPlus and really renews the body all-round. 


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