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SuperSkratch – Julie & Justa

Chris Price

Julie works at GH Stockists Windmill Feeds & Saddlery and feeds SuperSkratch to help her pony Justa. She recently sent in her feedback on the product and told us Justa’s story…

Julie took Justa the Fell pony on 18 months ago and she was in a very sorry state. She had no mane or tail and had rubbed herself raw by scratching. She had even taken off the hair on her tummy and would head shake regularly.

Julie keeps her horses on a cattle farm, where there are a huge amount of flies and midges. She keeps Justa covered up with a fly rug and uses a cream to help with her mane and tail. Justa also has access to a stable all day, so she can get out of the sun and away from the flies.

Julie used our Turmeric through the winter which helped, but she has now put her on SuperSkratch, and after 2 tubs she is starting to see some real differences in her. Her mane and tail are growing back, her coat looks healthier and she is much happier being touched around her head. She still has a few patches of itchy skin, but they are not sore or bleeding and in general she looks and seems much happier.


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