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SuperCalm Testimonial: Helen & Runaway

Richard Martin

We recently received this wonderful testimonial from Helen about her daughter’s pony Runaway.

Here’s their story:

“Runaway is a seven year old 13.2hh Warmblood X New Forest mare.  We viewed her at a local yard in August 2014, where she was on sales livery.

She had been through four owners in her short life, and was most recently owned by a well meaning but inexperienced family having been bought as a rising five year old for their teenager ,who was still learning to ride. Unfortunately, the teenager’s inexperience meant they used Runaway’s mouth to keep their balance and rode heavily on her back.  To stop the pain, Runaway learnt to throw her head in the air and hollow her back, so she was strapped down with a short standing martingale and a stronger bit used.

photo 1

When my 10 year old daughter and I viewed her, we could see underneath there was a very sweet, very talented mare, so she came home with us a week later. We quickly discovered that Runaway would begin to get upset the moment she saw tack, throwing her head frantically up and down, and rushing from side to side when tied up.

We made the decision to turn her away for three weeks, and then brought in an equine dentist and a McTimoney practitioner to check her over (who found her pelvis, poll, neck and head were all out).

Although this addressed the physical issues, she still wasn’t happy with the whole idea of being ridden.  So, after some research, I decided to try Super Calm.  I built her up to  two scoops in her feed twice a day and she’s been on that now for about six weeks.

Within two weeks of starting Super Calm, Runaway was maintaining a much more relaxed way of thinking.  We were able to bring tack out and let her examine it, and tack her up with only a few shakes of the head and process the experience as a positive one.

photo 3

I’ve been able to hack her out on her own, as she will listen to me and stand to watch traffic go past, rather than switching immediately to flight mode when meeting something new.

My daughter recently took Runaway to Burgh Farm Dressage, where she spent 2 days with Liza McQuiston working on straightness and balance.  Something I would never have considered possible before Super Calm as I doubt Runaway would have done much more than jog round with her head being thrown up and down the whole time, throwing in the occasional buck!

Thank you,

Helen “


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