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Hannah de Monti

Hannah has joined Global Herbs as the Area Sales Manager for the Midlands, covering Michelle Knott while she is on maternity leave.

Hannah comes from a nutritional and pharmaceutical sales background and is based in Nottingham. Hannah explained: “I like being on the road and meeting people and am really looking forward to working in an industry that I have a personal interest in.

“My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a pony when I was a child although for every birthday and every Christmas I asked for one!Once I was working, I was able to buy my first horse. After trying a few Arabs, I then ended up with a Norwegian Fjord! Known as Figgy, or Figgy Pudding, he was very naughty but adorable. I then brought Disney around November 2005. She was a machine to jump and we competed in unaffiliated show jumping competitions up to national level including qualifying for the Trailblazers Championships. We also did some EGB endurance rides and she was a real horse of a lifetime. Unfortunately Dis suffered a lameness issue and had to be put to sleep, but I am on the look out for another horse to follow in her hoof prints!”


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