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Top Concerns of Spring Horse Pasture | Explanations & 1 Amazing Solution | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Many of us worry a lot when the lush spring horse pasture arrives. Why should we be worried about a wonderful new source of natural nutrition?

The trouble is our horses have delicate digestive systems which can be easily upset from any sudden change in diet. They ferment all their grass and fibre in an enlarged appendix and huge hindgut. Chief among the wonders of the digestive system is the microbiome. This is the name for all the trillions of bacteria and microorganism’s that live in the gut and throughout the body. When the microbiome is out of balance it can be disastrous for your horse’s sensitive laminae. When new fresh grass arrives loaded with new natural chemicals like fructans to digest, it puts the system out of balance.

horse pasture

The complications of lush spring horse pasture

Fructans are a form of carbohydrate in fresh grass that is difficult to digest. Gut bacteria are often already out of balance because of antibiotics or other environmental chemicals from agriculture. The wrong sort of bacteria multiply in these situations and completely upset the healthy balance of the body. As a result, toxins in the blood are then released which dramatically influence blood flow through the sensitive laminae and we end up with bigger problems.

This can become even worse if there are metabolic problems or issues related to the pituitary gland involved, but rich grass in itself is enough to cause huge problems without any other related issues. The crazy thing is that fresh grass in horse pasture does not even include enough minerals and vitamins to keep your horse healthy. Fertilised grass is even worse and can be extremely dangerous for your horses’ sensitive laminae because it causes the release of dangerous chemicals into the blood.

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Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in horse pasture

Why is horse pasture not enough I hear you say? Well most grass in the UK is mineral deficient and horses cannot just thrive on one paddock or even 10 confined paddocks. Horses are designed to graze over 1000s of acres of grassland so they can pick the right nutrients for themselves. To thrive artificially on small amounts of grazing they need mineral and vitamin supplements of high quality.

When you add very rich flushes of grass into horse pasture that is already mineral deficient, this leads to even more problems. Luckily, we use GlobalVite with our horses which provides for all those mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

So surely it should be possible to help digestion enough to overcome these types of situations? It is quite surprising that I have only come across one digestive tonic that helps in this way, the liver tonic that is in our product called LamiPro. A combination of a probiotic and aloe vera can help a lot but with LamiPro liquid, you can stand the chance of maintaining normal grazing this spring.

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Digestive supplements to support your horse in Spring

So how does LamiPro work so well on horse pasture? It is really all about a very special combination of cleansing herbs that help your horse’s digestion, the best I have ever come across. If the situation becomes even more difficult you can also add in ImmuPlus and Alphabute to help settle things down and comfort your horse, but normally, LamiPro is more than enough by itself.

Does LamiPro work all the time? Well, you do need a sensible pasture management plan in place as well as support from a nutritional supplement but it is safe to use year-round. In rare cases when extra help is needed with metabolic problems or fat distribution, you can try CushPro and Metabolic Tonic.

CushPro and Metabolic Tonic may be needed quite widely in the modern world we live in; full of toxins and chemicals. Metabolic Tonic gives you a unique approach which is so vitally important when your veterinary tests say they need that extra metabolic support. Do speak to your vet or ask the Global Herbs advice team for more product information.

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As winter fields turn to spring green, it is essential we help support the horses’ sensitive guts as much as we can to prevent any damage to the sensitive laminae. There are a number of reasons why fresh grass can become a worry for horse owners but with the right pasture management and nutrition, those worries can be easily reduced. Start to incorporate nutritional supplements into their feed regime to help the liver work efficiently, aid their digestion and replenish the levels of vitamins and minerals which are insufficient from the grass in most UK pastures.



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