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Sponsored Rider Update! – Sarah Gadd

December 8, 2015 Chris Price

“Just to give you a quick update on the goings on our end after a bit of quiet time with the horses, as I was so busy packing and un-packing whilst moving into our new house. It was nice to be back out competing last weekend with Diaz and Roxie, but more on that in a minute.

Last Wednesday I took Milli back to the vets for her second leg scan and I’m pleased to say it was great news. The vet was very pleased with how her recovery is going and when we scanned the other front leg to compare the two scans and there was hardly any difference now which is great. I think the Global Herbs TendonEaze she has been having in her feeds has really helped. We are going to start walk work in January and after plenty of walk work we will slowly increase her workload. I may take her back and have it scanned again February/March time just to double check it has continued to heal as we want it to. The vet did say there was no need to scan again but I will probably get it done again for my own peace of mind more than anything! Thankfully Milli is more than happy staying in her stable with plenty of hay and various treats to keep her occupied!

Last Saturday I took Roxie and Diaz out to Blue Barn Equestrian Centre for one of the SMP Events competitions. There was dressage in one of the lovely outdoor schools and jumping indoors. Roxie did a Novice and an Elementary test whilst Diaz did just the one Novice test and jumped a few rounds of the SJ and indoor XC.

Diaz was first to do her test and we did Novice 28. This was her first ever time running through a Novice test and it was quite a tricky one at that with some medium trot and counter canter, which I was expecting to be quite difficult for her as she has established flying changes but she managed to hold her balance and didn’t change. She did some lovely work and picked up positive comments from the judge and we scored a respectable 65% which I was very pleased with, especially when I know she has so much more to come!

Next was Roxie’s two tests and with them being outside and it blowing a hooley I was expecting her to get a bit tense but she actually performed two lovely tests for me. I felt the marks we got were slightly harsh considering how much she has come on recently but then again the judge can only go on what she sees on the day I guess. We scored 63% and 64% in the two tests and finished 4th in the Novice and 2nd in the Elementary which I was pleased with. The judge did comment that she was a “very attractive horse who is very promising” at the end of the Elementary score sheet which was nice.

After I’d sorted Roxie out I went to check what class the jumping was on and then started to get Diaz ready. I was keen to see how she would react when I took her into the arena as they have got Christmas lights up on the walls as well as ribbon decorations and lots of Christmas trees dotted around the arena. This coupled with the fact that there was 6 SJ fences and 7 indoor XC fences (and indoor XC fences isn’t something she has ever seen before) I thought the bright white house, green turf roll top and skinny fences may catch her off guard as it were. How wrong was I, although she was a little star struck when we first went in the arena with lights shining and all the decorations and trees, she went on to jump some super rounds for me! We had a very unlucky 4 faults in the 90cm as she got a bit too over excited and tapped the top rail of an upright. In the 1m class she wasn’t going to touch anything!! Diaz jumped out of her skin for me and jumped a super clear round so next we had the jump off. Considering Diaz hasn’t done many jump offs before I was very please with how she responded. I didn’t do any silly turns, but I cut the corners as best I could and really pushed her speed wise so we were covering the ground and she jumped another great clear for me….very impressive considering the fences in the jump off were all uprights and she was travelling quick! We finished 2nd which I was very pleased with!

It was quite a long day which felt even longer as I had my work Christmas dinner and party the night before but it was great to be back out competing and to have them all in the placings makes it even better! I’m not sure if we will fit another competition in now before Christmas but if we do you’ll be the first to now how we got on :)”


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