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Sponsored Rider Update! – Sarah Gadd

December 4, 2015 Richard Martin

“Had some good news yesterday with Milli’s leg scan 🙂 Straight away it was noticeable, even to me how much better it looked than the scan in October. The vet was very impressed with how well it had healed and there was no evidence of there being any damage to it at all which I was very pleased to hear. We’ve still got to it easy as we aren’t sure how deep the original damage was, plus with all the mud in the fields over the winter months she won’t be being turned out until the spring time anyway! We are to start doing some gentle walk work at the end of January and then slowly build it up from there. I think for my own piece of mind I will take her back and have it scanned again when she is doing a bit more just to double check, although the vet did comment that he was very happy with how it has healed and didn’t stress that it would need t be scanned again. I’m convinced the TendonEaze has helped the recovery and even the vet commented that there was no sign of any lump now which he wasn’t expecting to ever go!”


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