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Sponsored Rider Update – Sarah Gadd

November 6, 2015 Richard Martin

Latest update from Sarah Gadd at SG Eventing!

“With there only being 2 out of my 3 girls in work at the moment I thought I would have a bit more time on my hands but that really isn’t the case, I seem to be busier than ever! Ryan and I are in the final stages of purchasing our first house together and we are hoping to do the big move next week sometime which is all very exciting!

Despite all the chaos, I did manage to get out to a jumping competition with Diaz at the end of last week and a dressage competition with Roxie last weekend. Last Thursday there was a jumping competition held at Blue Barn Equestrian Centre and I took Diaz for the 90cm class as she hasn’t been out since her last event so I wanted her to go out and have a good time! Unfortunately there wasn’t any other entries for the 90cm class so I didn’t jump in the class, but they very kindly let me jump two clear rounds at whatever height I wanted, so I jumped her around the course at 95cm and then put it all up to 1.05m – 1.10m. Diaz jumped two super clears for me, making it feel very easy and in the last parts of the course, the jump off part I asked her to step up a gear of two speed wise and also cut the corners a bit which she did very well , jumping two lovely double clears. The second track was the biggest course she has jumped out in competition as well so I was very pleased with her and can’t wait to get her out to some BS shows over the winter.

Then on Saturday, bit of a last minute decision but I entered Roxie in to two Novice tests at Blue Barn Equestrian Centre. Scott always has some late entry slots at his shows which is very handy as I managed to enter that morning! We did Novice 24 first and Roxie performed a nice test. I’m trying a slightly different approach with our test riding at the moment and am trying to ask move of her in the trot work without her getting tense or too excitable, with her being a TB mare there is a very fine line between her working soft and getting a bit tense! We scored 65.77% to come 3rd in this test. The next test was Novice 23 and this test was in a long arena so I made sure I learnt the test well and knew exactly where I was going! Down the centre line, track left and just as I started my 15m circle at S the judge rang the bell – turns out the Novice 23 I have has been updated and there is a new version of the test! This is the second time this has happened to me recently…..I think I need to update my dressage test book and just double check the year of the test next time to make sure I have and learn the correct one! Thankfully there was a lovely lady watching who then called the test for me. The whole situation got us both a bit tense I think, but considering I hadn’t even looked at the test, let alone ridden through it I was very pleased with how Roxie went and I felt we managed to pull an OK test out of the bag! The judge agreed with us and despite the -2 for our error, we finished with a score 66.67% which put us in 3rd place. Not a bad afternoon out considering it was a very last minute decision to go!

The girls may have a slightly quieter week now whilst I move etc. but as soon as I’m all unpacked and sorted I’ll be ready to crack on with a winter of dressage for Roxie and both dressage and showjumping for Diaz. Plus hopefully, in the new year Milli will be back in work as well, for now though she will continue her box rest and is very grateful for the treats and toys she has to keep her occupied whilst she is in the stable.”

Image by Berta Images


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