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Sponsored Rider Update – Roo Fox

August 22, 2015 Richard Martin

“So lots of sadness this week, I sold two of my youngsters, Nev (Furioso de Foja) to a lovely eventer in Scotland and Rascal (Leonardo Z) to a young Danish event rider. As always I hate seeing ponies leave but am excited to see how they go. I have already had great pictures of both horses settling in.
On Monday with a cripplingly early start we heading out to Smiths Lawn, with two of the novice horses sold and no places in the BE100 available, I decided to take two new horses, Faye and The Otter, to do a dressage test in their place. The Otter went first and despite being terribly scared of not only the boards but the judges car performed a shaky but promising test and on a very tough SJ proved his worth by jumping a clear round. As he hasn’t even XC schooled yet we didn’t run him XC, but I am looking forward to seeing how he performs at West Wilts in the BE100. Faye did a sweet test with a few mistakes (we are still getting to know each other). My plan was to just take her down to the show jumping warm up and give her some experience, as she has just started jumping and has never seen a filler but she warmed up so well that I thought I would just see how she went. She jumped the first 3 fences well and I was very excited, however she knocked the 4th and probably having never seen a double and rather worried by knocking the fence, stopped. I patted her and left the ring, not wanting to scare her. I did, however pop her over the warm up jumps again, which to my delight she flew.
The other horses I took were my amazing 5yo black stallion, who performed brilliantly in the dressage to gain a rather disappointing 32. I added a pole in the SJ, taking a rather sharp corner like a motorbike and he decided that the triple brush combination, like so many other horses that day, was not for him. I think the fact that the jump was under a tree and for the horses it also looked like you were jumping into trees and him being a sensible chap, felt that he would rather take the easy route home. The other horse I took was Nev’s sister, Fugitiva de Foja. She did a nice test with a bit of a wobbly centre line (she was only backed in April), so I was pleased. We took a pole in the rather long double and did a great but steady clear XC as the ground was a bit hard.
The great news is that Fleet Street, aka Tigga, my top pony and Friendly Game (Donkey) my lovely grey stallion have been given the all clear to get going. Tigga has been on Tendoneaze and Donk has been on Strongbone. I really believe that this is what has helped them stay fit and recover so quickly. Barring any more disasters Tig is heading for Pau and Donk is entered for Bicton. All the baby horses are heading to either West Wilts or Bicton, with Masta Frog (Islington) heading to Wellington for the intermediate and my Watt (Bonero k) heading for the 2* at Bicton.
Will let you know how we get on!”

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