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Sponsored Rider Update! – Roo Fox

December 4, 2015 Chris Price

“So this week was a quiet week. Only the horses coming back into work seemed excited. We have had a few interesting hacks with the ponies spooking at everything from rocks to leaves, all of which had been on the road every day they have hacked. The weather hasn’t helped much! We have put the wilder ones in the field who have come back in looking more like mud huts than ponies! There has been lots of cleaning mud off the ponies to go riding and we have had some new stables built to accommodate 4 new liveries arriving, which is massively exciting. I will introduce them as they arrive!

We went off to dressage lessons with Nereide Goodman. I took Batman and Frog and they were great. Watt Watt managed to get cast this week and cut himself badly. He leg was pretty swollen and we put him on Global Herbs Turmeric and I felt it really made a difference to the swelling, so I was pleased.

I also have a few ponies living out and as we all know the grass is of poor quality at the moment. I have a mare who has been dropping off condition for a while so I put her on WinterBoost and she has really improved, her coat is better and she is putting on weight!

I’ve sent in a photo of Froggie in his Santa hat! Starting to get excited about the season now!”



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