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Sponsored Rider Update! – Roo Fox

November 19, 2015 Richard Martin

Latest update from Roo Fox Eventing!

“So this week, my owner Elaine Mackenzie-Yates wanted me to take her new horse to do the BE100 combined training at West Wilts EC. Ted had very bad foot problems but since being on Gobal Herbs Supahoof hasn’t lost a shoe and his cracks seem to be growing down very well. To make a day of it I also took Dennis Sampson’s horse Bella, a 5yo ex racehorse who shattered her hind splint bone earlier in the year but has done massively well on Strongbone, to do the BE80. The horse I have for sale, El Nino, a 15.2hh 6yo (yes I know, very small for my large bottom!), went to do the BE90. In addition I also took Frog and Batts to do the Novice, just for an outing.

The weatherman promised me a dry but windy day.. ha! What a joke! As soon as we arrived the heavens opened and didn’t stop until I had just finished, typical. As for the wind, I felt lucky I didn’t get blown off! I started on Bella, who had just been clipped and had never been to a show before, so I was expecting explosions! Well, she warmed up like a dream, not a toe out of line! When we went into the arena I thought she would be spooky and backwards, just shows how wrong I can be. She didn’t look at anything and her test was great, apart from the fact we did it at a million miles an hour. She performed everything I asked of her but she was just very fast. Hopefully, it was just because she was on her own in the ring, which happens less out eventing as the arenas are all pretty close together. Again in the SJ I underestimated her, I thought she would back off and perhaps stop at the brighter fillers having not seen any, but of course she didn’t. We had two down, both my fault as I pushed her into the double causing her to run out of room. I’m quite excited for her!

My next horse was El Nino. I again thought I’d be in for an exciting ride as he has hasn’t ever been to a show before. What a horse, he executed his test brilliantly. Of course there is always stuff to improve on but I was thrilled. I taught him how to jump when he arrived about a month ago. He has a huge jump and likes to clear everything by a foot, just to make sure! He stormed round and won the class. I will be sad when he sells, but unfortunately I need to make a living!

Next up was Ted, he has evented before, so I felt he would be quite quiet. Its funny, the ones I thought would be wild were quiet, and the ones I thought would be quiet weren’t, goes to show you never know! Ted felt the wind and the rain I think and just went a bit tense in the dressage for me and we had two poles down SJ, probably my fault because I have only sat on him once or twice. He is for Elaine, but she wanted to watch the first one, just in case! The judge must have loved his test or everyone else must have fallen foul of the weather too because he ended up second.

There always seems to be a drama in my yard, and this day was no exception. I took Froggie for the novice and in his excitement he jumped from the top of the lorry to the bottom, taking poor Abbie with him and he landed on the top of her leg! Luckily she is ok, but rather bruised and cross! Feeling rather guilty Frog did an excellent test and clear SJ to win it.

Due to Abbie being taken care of by the wonderful people at west wilts, Ma had to tack up the Bat boy. She kindly put on his jumping saddle, and due to being short of time to get to the SJ as the dressage was running I bit late, I went with it… He did a fabulous test, even with me bouncing around a bit and also put in a clear SJ to finish 0.5 of a mark behind in second. A good day at the office, and I got Abbie a McDonalds to cheer her up – happy lorry trip home!”


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