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Sponsored Rider Update – Roo Fox

Chris Price
Latest update from Roo Fox Eventing!
“The whole team was a bit down after returning from Romania. Tig, my top horse, was not quite right after our crashing fall; nothing serious but a fat, warm joint, so sadly that was his season over. He is already on TendonEaze but I have supplemented it with some Alphabute and he seems more comfortable already. Frog (Islington) my longest standing horse was ab…solutely furious at not being able to go XC in Romania because of my fall, so he has written several letters to important people complaining about the situation, so we decided to take him to Aldon… Unfortunately poor Frog didn’t get to go as Yogi Breisner felt I needed to take Watt (Bonero K) to a 1* before taking him abroad again. So we headed down to Aldon; typically I woke up with a stinking cold, the A303 was rammed and there was a diversion around Yeovil. I managed a very short warm up and we went in. I thought we were doing a great test! I was so pleased with myself, but then I managed to forget a movement… so wrapped up in the job at hand, I didn’t even notice the judge beep the horn and actually get out of the car… soooo embarrassing! We ended on a 50.8, a bit behind the lead but not too far off. Watt put in a beautiful clear SJ round (one of very few) and we headed out to the XC. Everyone seemed to be having issues, but they must have worked very hard on the fantastic course at Aldon, considering the rain they had had. We were flying but sadly we lost a shoe at the first water, so I had to go carefully round the corners and we finished 14th. I had aimed for higher but once again my luck was out, though I was pleased to get a cheque! Watt’s foot is a little broken up, so I have put him on some SupaHOOF to help. I’ll let you know how it goes with the product! Our plan was to head off to Italy with the big boys, but sadly with two out of the 3 short on work, due to recovery, we will have to stay at home and start planning next years campaign instead”


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