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Sponsored Rider Update – Rebecca Cowderoy

June 2, 2015 Chris Price

The latest update from Rebecca Cowderoy:


“Mimi is enjoying her hacking, I’m planning on taking her out on her own on Wednesday so that’ll be a test for her. I’m sure she won’t be that easy but it will do her the world of good! I took her for a paddle up and down the river the other day which she loved once she realised there were no monsters in the water! I think I’m going to enter her on the 7th June for a young horse qualifier.

I took Lisci to Abbey dressage to do our first PSG last week. It didn’t go too badly despite her being rather full of it and very challenging to ride. This made her a bit tense and tight and she wasn’t always listening to me as much as she could do, but we still managed 66.18%. The score would have been better as I had a 7 crossed out and got a 3 instead when she did her canter zig-zag well but then had a bit of an explosive moment by C! Very annoying as this would have taken the score up to +67%. We need to improve on the walk and canter pirouettes for the +70% scores but that shouldn’t be a problem and a more relaxed Lisci should achieve this, I just need to get her out and about a bit more. I now have 4 points and only need another 2 to qualify for regionals! I was pleased with her though as it showed that she is capable of stringing all the movements together, it was a good starting point.”


June 2015 Crop


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