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Sponsored Rider Update – Evie Toombes

September 23, 2015 Richard Martin

Latest update from the inspirational Evie Toombes Para Rider!

“Evie attended a dressage training rally with Jerry last weekend. This is crucial to her improvement and learning to adapt when her lower leg is so weak. She was grinning when she finished and said “I feel like I’ve started to discover different ways to cope with my legs not working and I really enjoyed it”. Jerry can be tense but over time he relaxed and lowered which was so rewarding.

Evie has been asked to do a …monthly blog by The Pony Club to encourage others struggling with issues as riding is a huge positive in her life and makes all her problems seem just a nuisance.

We’ve had lots of contact this week from people asking for advice on how to cope so Evie’s been busy responding and sharing experiences. She doesn’t have all the answers but just talking can be a huge help!”


posing with GH goodies                    Sept 21st 2015                        Sept 21st 2015a

Sept 21st 2015b GH saddle cloth 1


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