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Sponsored Rider Update – Evie Toombes

October 26, 2015 Richard Martin

Latest update from Evie Toombes:

“We’ve done some interesting work the last few days as Evie had a lesson with Philippa Curry (National para coach). Luckily this was a couple of days after her first show so it gave Philippa lots to work on. Evie has to find ways to keep the horse going forward and just lifting her weight out of the saddle is a good tool. Luckily all the bareback and stirrup-free work is paying off as a big improvement in Evie’s balance was noted. Though Evie tried riding in her normal stirrups for a while, it was obvious this week that her feet were becoming dangerously wedged, so thankfully we have the option to have the capped ones and stay safe. It’s strange because she can look so normal in the saddle but just being off balance shows up her lower leg issues, especially the more tired she gets as can happen towards the end of a course. Hopefully Evie will be out competing in the next couple of weeks again. There is also a BS academy in a few days plus Pony Club dressage on the wonderful Roley!”

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