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ShakeFree review: Felicity Sparkes and Izzy

Richard Martin

“I have a 16.3hh, Warmblood, chestnut gelding called Izzy who used to be so inconsistent in his head in the warmer months, he was almost unrideable. All this greatly impacted my dressage test results I would always get comments saying “tense horse” “unsteady in contact” etc.

 I have tried all sorts of options over the years. When we tried ShakeFree initially he was on 50ml a day for a few spring/summers in a row because he needed the extra support.  We do not need to feed it over the winter, only in the spring/summer.  Now we have been feeding it for about 5/6 years, he goes onto 50ml a day for about two weeks as a loading amount then we take him down to 25ml a day and he has that everyday throughout the spring/summer.  It is fantastic.

I do have to combine it with a fly veil sometimes because he doesn’t like the bugs around his face and will try to shake them away but I have had a fantastic result with ShakeFree and would recommend it to everyone. Not only has it helped me to maintain a rideable horse but he also looks in fantastic condition.  We use Global Herbs supplements for all our horses, our retired horses have Alphabute and Izzy sometimes has Restore in the winter.”  Felicity

Felicity Sparkes & Izzy - Shakefree




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