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Seaweed sourced from Scotland

Richard Martin

Q. Where is Global Herbs Seaweed grown?

A. Our organic seaweed is grown in the North Atlantic in the Western Isles of Scotland and is processed locally on North Uist.

The seaweed is harvested by hand, in a traditional manner. Skilled Harvesters, work at low tide and lay out a circle of rope over the area of seaweed they are going to cut. Cutting inside this circle, a seaweed stem of 300mm is left to establish a quick regrowth, thus maintaining an ecological balance.

When the tide returns, the cut seaweed floats. The rope is gathered and the seaweed is towed to the shore by a small boat. The seaweed is the gently dried using a unique low heat drying system that preserves the seaweed.

Seaweed is a great source of minerals that might be lacking in pasture and concentrates. To find out more and to buy online, click here.


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