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Seasonal Calming

October 27, 2016 Richard Martin

As autumn rolls around and summer fades away, the new season brings new challenges for horse owners and dog owners alike. In the run up to the annual celebrations around November 5th, it is important to consider how your animals might cope with the bright flashes and loud bangs. You might be surprised to hear that some animals love watching all the pretty patterns in the sky and don’t mind the bangs, but of course for some it can be a very stressful time of year…


Global Herbs offer a range of supplements for both horses and dogs to help in such difficult circumstances. Our star product SuperCalm provides the best nutrition for the immune system and digestion, while also helping to combat the release of free radicals that can cause damage to the body’s cells and defence system. This supplement can be used all year round for horses that are difficult to manage and is also available in a fast acting sachet form called SuperCalm ‘Instant’. These 10g sachets take effect within 1-3 hours and last for over half a day – perfect for times of high stress, such as travelling, competing, clipping or fireworks. When the fireworks season is of a specific concern, Global Herbs FireworX can provide effective calming within 1 day. FireworX is a special blend that fuses tropical herbs and minerals to pack a powerful but gentle punch and can be used throughout the fireworks season. The liquid version of this supplement can also be fed to dogs.


Dog owners can also benefit from these herbal wonders! Global Herbs Relax Capsules are available for both large and small breeds. Dogs can easily be upset by circumstances around them which can result in poor behaviour and long term stress. These capsules provide them with an effective way of maintaining good behaviour in demanding situations. When the situation calls for something a bit more powerful, Relax Extra Capsules provide a strong and quick acting approach for calming and are great for October, November and New Year celebrations when sudden loud noises are common.


Our supplements aim to supply horse and dog owners with the very best supportive nutrition from around the world. Our products are fully backed by a modern scientific approach but originate from well-established and authoritative traditional practices. For more information on any of these supplements, or to order over the phone just call 01243 773363.

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