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Sarc-Ex testimonial: Kirsty and Teddy

Chris Price

“In 2010, we bought Teddy who needed nutritional support. We were told some surgery could cost an estimate of £4000.

“One day in mid-June, me and my mother were shopping in a local equestrian store and were handed a Global Herbs brochure by one of the members of staff and came across Sarc-Ex. My mother thought it was a good idea to try it and later that day we rang Global Herbs and spoke to one of the very helpful members of staff. They recommended a course of Sarc-Ex at 2 scoops twice daily.

“We were very pleased within two weeks. Now nearly a year later Teddy is on his 2 scoops daily amount and there is hair growing well over the area.

“Thank you Global Herbs for giving my pony the life he deserved! I highly recommend Sarc-Ex to anyone. We are so happy and stress-free now!”

Kirsty Woodhouse

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