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Sarc-Ex – Jenna and Chukka

Chris Price

This is ‘Chukka’ my 23yr old new Zealand bred polo mare who I have owned since late July. She was purchased through a horse sale as a happy hack, where it shortly became evident that she had a sarcoid around the size of a small orange on the tip of her dock.

Previous owners had tried banding it, but sadly it was still very much alive. I put her on Sarc-Ex shortly after, however, I’ll admit I didn’t hold out much hope of seeing a difference. Well, what an incredible transformation Sarc-Ex has made!! After 4 weeks the sarcoid is now down to the size of a marble and is decreasing daily.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a ‘lump prone’ horse. I was extremely apprehensive about taking the natural approach as I’ve heard horror stories but seriously, this product has been the best thing I’ve ever used. “A fantastic product that really works, at a fraction of the cost of veterinary treatment”

  Chukka’s 4 week progress with her lump which was previously the size of a tennis ball!


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