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Sarah Gadd Update

Chris Price

“Just to give you a quick update, following many hours sitting in front of the TV on Saturday watching Badminton XC, I was out last Sunday with Roxie at a local dressage competition. We did the Elementary 44 test and although pleased to be out Roxie did a lovely test to score 77.8% which left us in 2nd place once the class had completed. In one of the medium trots I asked for a bit too much and Roxie broke to canter so I think this may have been an expensive mistake but I was very pleased with the rest of the test Roxie did! Please find pictures below from Shotfield and here’s the link to the video of our test:

After a quiet-ish weekend I’ve had a very busy week that’s for sure! Started on Monday with all the girls being exercised before I headed off to work. Then Monday evening we had the farrier round to put a new set of shoes on Diaz in preparation for upcoming events. Tuesday morning Diaz had a gallop which she very much enjoyed – it’s lovely and quiet on the roads at 6am! After work on Tuesday Milli and Diaz had physio sessions with the brilliant Sofia Graham. Milli almost fell asleep during her treatment as she loved it so much! Milli and Diaz had a day off yesterday so before work I did some gymnastic-al exercises with Roxie and jumped her over some bounces, which she jumped very well and we didn’t knock a single one down which is very impressive for Roxie! Yesterday evening I had a great SJ lesson on Icarus with David Pearson-Smith, we jumped some rather big fences but Icarus was really on top form, making a lovely shape over the fences and using himself a lot more. Following their physio treatments on Tuesday Milli and Diaz had long and low stretch schooling sessions and both of them felt fantastic, maybe Diaz felt a little too well…..!!


Weekend coming up we have the Area 10 Riding Club Horse Trials Qualifier at Bonfleur. It will be Icarus’ first event so he is doing the 80 section and then Diaz is competing in the 100 class…..fingers crossed for good runs on them both and I will let you know how we get on early next week. Wish us luck!”


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