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Sarah Gadd Update

Chris Price

“Last Saturday I was up the yard quite early to get Roxie and Diaz ridden before the farrier came to shoe Milli. Roxie had a jump and we did some bigger and wider fences and she is continuing to jump really well and loving it! Diaz went out to do some canter/gallop fitness work and she is really fit now and wanted to do more once we’d finished I think! After putting Roxie and Diaz out in the field Harry turned up to shoe Milli. It was Harry’s first time shoeing at our yard and I have to say I was very impressed with what he did and has done a lovely job on Milli’s feet! With a quick rug change, Milli was put out in the field and it was clear, after a few months bare foot, that she was very happy to have a set of shoes back on!

Saturday afternoon I was at Bonfleur with Icarus doing some XC schooling. He hasn’t done much XC and not seen XC fences since I took him round Chilham Park last autumn but he was fantastic and loved it! He responded very well when I asked a bit more off him and coped very well with some of the more technical fences and combinations!

Sunday we were planing to go to a local SJ show but I hadn’t decided who I was going to take. Unfortunately in the morning we were advised that the show had been cancelled due to the rain we had the previous night resulting in us being unable to park in the field. Luckily we were able to hire the school and jump around the course set up for the show which was good. I took Roxie and Milli. Roxie had a jump around and continued her streak of not knocking any poles down (this used to unheard of for Roxie over showjumps!) and we finished jumping a lovely round over 1m / 1.05m fences! Milli was next to be ridden and she was incredibly excited to be out somewhere different as she hasn’t been out since September last year! Despite this excitement she tried her best to behave as much as she could and we just had the odd buckin’ bronco moments! She was feeling good, so I thought i would take the opportunity to give her her first jump since she has come back into work! She was incredibly pleased to be asked to jump, and jumped the few fences we did jump very well… it’s great to have Milli back jumping again!

With all four horses going so well at the moment, I can’t wait for the next competitions for them. I will need to start looking at some more competitions to get Roxie and Milli out to as well in the near future!”





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