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Roo Fox’s Review of 2016

Chris Price

“If I had to sum up my year it would be disappointing.

My babies made the step up to Novice and 1* comfortably, and Donk even made it to an Intermediate. Watt stepped up to 3* successfully and Frog finally qualified to go 3*. So all of that was good but I still feel I’m missing regular top placings and everything could be better, from my flatwork, to jumping, to my speed cross country. This winter will be spent working hard on those elements. I still feel determined to get to the top, despite my age, and I guess that is what drives me on those wet, cold, dark winter mornings. I’ve changed my training approach to next year and I’m on a proper fitness regime. The horses are going to jump more than once a week, and once a month everyone will do a showjumping competition. I’m also going to take everyone cross country schooling more, and all of the horses are going to go fast over cross country every three runs, even if they are not in contention. This will just help to get them, and me, used to it for when they are. For the flatwork side of things, I’m going to have them working a level above at home than the competition, so we aren’t always playing catch up. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll let you know how the training is going next year.

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a fab New Years  Eve!




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