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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“So where were we? I think my next event was Moreton Morrell with 5 ponies between 8.30 and 1.30 and we still finished on time thanks to my amazing team. All the horses did good dressage tests, though the judges seemed to hate Sirius despite me thinking he did his best novice test yet!

The showjumping was on a huge arena but the show jumps were all in the middle, very odd. Faye and Otto had one down a piece, Sirius two, Donk just touched 4 (sounds awful but he actually did a nice round) and Griffy jumped clear.

On to the XC – Finally Sirius did a clear xc, yay! Donk got a smacked botty and as a result charged off passing some of the jumps on his way round. Otto and Faye went clear as did Griff, or so I thought… but even though I shouted “long route”, clearly pulled out and queried it, it was to no avail, so no luck there.

Next we went to Aston with Donk, Otto and Sirius. Donk pulled out an epic 23 dressage and Otto did a 29, both to lead their sections. Sirius felt that watching the XC going on behind would be a better use of his time than doing silly twirly movements! For whatever reason I could not get the SJ together but had three fab clear XC, and now have 4 baby ponies qualified for 1*CIC.

Next off to Mount Ballan and Brand Hall, will keep you posted xx”


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