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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“So where were we, this year just hasn’t stopped!

Oh yes I left you at Eridge. We went onto Aston with Tig and Watt doing the Advanced and Donk and Griff doing the Novice. The Novice boys did stunning tests and my little stallion had one down SJ and clear XC. Griff’s owner Georgia Maher had come to watch and was a bit gutted when he spooked sharply at the guys who were kindly raking the arena. Luckily I stayed in the plate but we had to do a circle so incurred a few time faults, but he was great XC. Tig put in a fab test for him scoring a 36, I was chuffed and it’s thanks to Global Herbs SuperCalm Instants. Sadly we had to withdraw from the rest of the competition as he has a crack in his white hoof and I want to keep him for Burghley, which we are now entered for!!! Watt did a shocking test, he must have been taking hints from Tigga. I think the long day and the heat got to him but he was awesome in the jumping phases.

As a result, his owner Dennis Sampson and I headed up to Burgham in the new truck – road trip! What is usually a nice course has been beefed up massively, I was terrified I was over facing poor Watty. As the new lorry is limited the journey took us longer than planned and I just had to get straight on. He did a solid first time test with mistakes in the changes, but I was pleased. The SJ was massive and the first part of the triple blew over on our approach. We pulled up and waited for them to rebuild the fence, however Watt was not convinced that we should go anywhere near it. Sadly we did have all three parts of the triple and the last part of the other double. You can never be too sure, but he was epic XC and we got a qualifying mark so very happy campers.
Next off to Smiths Lawn with Tadpole, Sirius and Griff, then onto Hartpury with Donk, Watt and Tig.”


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