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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“Busy few weeks at Roo Fox Eventing, despite the injury!

Ebby and Jo took ponies to a very difficult Tweseldown. Ebby took Tadpole and Lilly, the new mare. She did good tests on both and then went double clear to finish 4th on Tadpole and had one down and clear XC on Lilly. I was thrilled as those two are both for sale.

Jo sadly did not have a great day. She was on Bella, who is also for sale. She warmed up beautifully but a dog ran out as she was going round the arena. While the judge was very kind, Bells was very upset and understandably unsettled. Being a late entry and last to go she had to go straight to the SJ where she ploughed through the first five jumps, however finished the course brilliantly and she flew round the XC. Poor Jo, she couldn’t have done much but it was bad luck for her, especially with all the hard work and money we put in to get to a show only to have it ruined for us by someone who can’t control their dog.

The next week it was my turn to get back in the saddle and in true Roo Fox style Watt and I went straight in at Intermediate, neither of us having competed at that height for a long time, and both of us having not competed for a month due to my injury. We went to Eridge, which was a bit of an eye opener. This is not some small local event but a huge, well attended, big atmosphere event with a seriously scary SJ course and a very tough XC course to tackle. Watt and I put in a great test but with one mistake. We stilled managed to score 25.9.

The SJ was causing carnage with the average being three down, which meant it was running 30 mins late. Obviously all my serious breaks have been SJ, so I was getting very nervous. Luckily Watt looked after me, despite me ploughing him into the triple where he did his best to get us out of trouble but had to take two parts with him. I was mad at myself as it was my fault but what a legend he is for carrying on when he could have stopped.

The XC was also causing trouble but not for Watt. Even with an unfit rider and a long route we came home to finish 8th. Couldn’t be more chuffed! A great way to get back to competing and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!”

-A note to all dog owners, while the majority of dogs at equestrian events are very well behaved, please be careful around horses and keep dogs on leads at all times.


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