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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“We have been very busy. Took the new horse Lilly (Advance To Go) to her first event. It was unaffiliated but she won, yay! We also took all the Brand Hall ponies showjumping and Donkey won, even better!

Then we loaded up for Brand Hall with Faye, Donk, Sirius, Otto and Batman. Everyone put in a good solid first time 1* test. Otto and Bats were on a 44, and although we thought Donk nailed it he was on a 49. The SJ caused carnage with only 5 clears I think. I had one pole down on everyone, although each time a different fence, apart from Batty who had three down. We got him blood tested and turns out he is under the weather, so we pulled him from the XC and put him on some Restore to pick him up a bit.
The XC was very serious and the water complex was a nightmare, with even the long routes causing massive trouble in both the CCI and CIC. Sirius went first, but sadly being only 5 he struggled and I pulled him up. Otto was next and he was going fabulously until the water where all the turning addled his brain and he told me he had had enough too. Next came my trusty XC mare Faye, she was epic. Sadly we had one stop at the skinny after the step, my fault! I over collected her for the step and she ran out of puff. Next came Donkster, he lost a shoe at fence two, but put in an epic but very slow clear so I was chuffed with him. It was so tough that he still finished 14th with 6th place being on a score of 79. Must say a massive thank you to Ashley Louth who had 20 minutes between all the SJ and XC to do the horses, what a legend! And a big thanks to Jeremy, who is now my fiancee, so very exciting times for me!!! Next we are headed to Berkshire College and West Wilts the same weekend, no rest for the wicked!”


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